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Giving impeller a whirl again after updating it and many other apps... New version looks great.

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And puma showing different number of comments on this post in each of its 4 tabs.v Odd.

mcnalu at 2014-02-08T11:33:18Z

Do find number of comments vs comments shown in pump a bit crazy. Assume some aren't public.

Luke at 2014-02-08T20:13:08Z

Luke, your comment doesn't show in puma, and nor do 2 of mine on this post. The fact you liked one comment shows in puma, but not in impeller. My overall feeling is arrrrrrrrgggghhh! :-)

mcnalu at 2014-02-09T10:00:22Z

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@mcnalu wonder where the fault is? The clients, the servers? Pump stream itself?

Luke at 2014-02-09T21:36:34Z