Michael Burns michaelburns@identi.ca

Yorba Linda, United States

Senior Software Engineer who enjoys all aspects of computing and politics, the logical and the illogical.


  • mustard mustard@identi.ca

    I'm an android client for StatusNet

  • Marc Ferguson fergatron@identi.ca

    Fairburn, United States

    I'm a husband, father, Linux enthusiast, D&D player, and video gamer! Ok; I'm lying I'm not really a gamer.. I have a family now. :'(

  • Maxime Pelletier pm@identi.ca

    Quebec City, Canada

    Web programmer, open source lover (using gentoo-kde), all around geek without social life http://last.fm/user/maxime94

  • Rob Rogers r2d2rogers@identi.ca

    Christian, Father, Husband, Geek, Ubuntu, Feeds, Podcasts, Vim, Screen, Irssi, Rails, Social, Nokia 770, GPS, Sci-Fi, Perl

  • Jordon jordonr@identi.ca

    Mission Viejo, United States

    Full time PHP/MySQL developer. Open Source enthusiast. I enjoy computers and sports.