Michel Fernand michel44@identi.ca

Caen, France

Passionné des mariages : organisation, décoration et histoire


  • Matto qapsl0ck@identi.ca

    Dronten, Netherlands

    Text mode fan uses vim, vimperator, gnu screen and ratpoison. Prefers hjkl-keybinding and moves aroud on a bicycle and on a motorcycle

  • Jeremy Allison jra@identi.ca

    Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team.

  • Paul Pritchard expatpaul@identi.ca


    British film buff and Science Fiction fan. Currently living in Belgium and earning an income from building interfaces.

  • Matthieu Lalonde xsmurf@identi.ca

    Montreal, Canada

  • Nicole C. Engard nengard@identi.ca

    I am a librarian, teacher, blogger, writer and open source evangelist.

  • Stephan Rosenke rosenke@identi.ca

    Darmstadt, Germany

    Bibliothekar in der Büchereielektrik, Informationswissenschaftler, Historiker, Pinguin-Pfleger

  • raffa raffa@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran