Mike Sheldon mikesheldon@identi.ca

Aberystwyth, United Kingdom


  • depressionbot depressionbot@identi.ca

  • Jolla jolla@identi.ca

    Helsinki, Finland

    Jolla is developing mobile devices and the #SailfishOS based on #MeeGo and #merproject open source projects.

  • James Ravenscroft jamesravey@identi.ca

    Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

    AI and Robotics undergrad, just finished an internship at IBM. Love music photography cooking and programming!

  • Rob Myers robmyers@identi.ca


    "a self-defined artist, writer and hacker" - MakeTank.

  • m413 m413com@identi.ca

    artist type

  • OpenGameArt.org opengameart@identi.ca

    Free, legal art for Open Source game projects

  • thp thp@identi.ca



  • reality reality@identi.ca

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Into the acoustic degree! http://blog.realispicio.us/

  • afal@identi.ca

    Parody comedy twitter account. Doesn't have a podcast. Only here for the free beer.

  • P. J. McDermott pehjota@identi.ca

    Roys, United States

    Hacker of software and English. Interested in operating system distros and embedded systems. Fan of free and semi-free metal and rock music.

  • Mikael Nordfeldth mmnidentica@identi.ca

    Umeå, Sweden

    https://social.umeahackerspace.se/mmn is my primary federated social web account.

  • GUADEC2012 guadec@identi.ca

    A Coruña, Spain

    GUADEC is the yearly European GNOME conference, set for A Coruña, Spain in 2012.

  • OggCamp oggcamp@identi.ca

    Farnham, United Kingdom

    Official announcements from the OggCamp organisers.

  • fauno fauno@identi.ca

    former poet, buccaneer, parabola hacker

  • Matt Lee mattl@identi.ca

    Boston, United States

    Internet has-been, AOL user.

  • Daniel Holbach dholbach@identi.ca

    Daniel Holbach

  • Jono Bacon jonobacon@identi.ca

    Ubuntu Community Manager, Author and Musician. For the gory details, see http://www.jonobacon.org/about/

  • GNOME gnome@identi.ca

    The Free Software Desktop Project