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Yeah, I was pretty happy on finding iswitchb-mode in Emacs, being likewise case-insensitive.

I really do wish T&R had used OSX-style file name semantics in 1st Ed. though — this would have had to have been the default behaviour for apps from the get-go.
I can understand why case-insensitivity wasn't done in early Unix (why bother doing it in the kernel when you can just establish a culture of avoiding capital letters), and I can understand why it wasn't done when Unix began to get popular (the IRC protocol treats '|' as identical to '\' in nick-names because they're different-cased letters in the Scandinavian equivalent of ASCII), and I can understand why it's not done today (the Unicode rules for case-equivalency are scary-complex).

It is a bit of a shame, though. Come to think of it, maybe we should blame the medieval monks who decided we should have two parallel alphabets of similar-but-not-identical symbols.

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