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Confused by the bland uniformity of Australian parties? Don’t care enough to pick between the Democratic Labour Party and Liberal Democrats?

Well then step right up my friend, you need my How to Vote in the 2013 Australian Federal Election guide! http://ur1.ca/fdzov

I reckon The Pirate Party are more a one policy party i.e digital rights, although they are ideologically aligned with The Greens. The Non-Custodial Parenting Party are are a men's rights party which I would suggest puts them as a borderline hate group.

Dylan at 2013-09-05T13:08:38Z

Oh, points taken, thanks. I had to admit I didn't follow up on the PP since I assumed they toed the line of their European counterparts, whose copyright reform agent last I heard seems actively harmful.

Michael Gratton at 2013-09-05T13:32:07Z