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“Every configuration management program attempts to become enterprisey, then is replaced by another that manages configuration.”

Anyone know of something that doesn't suck like Puppet, works Chef but has debs, and that actually solves the problem unlike etckeeper?

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Oh, why hello there Salt!

Michael Gratton at 2013-09-05T01:47:56Z

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Yeah, Salt seems to have really come into full flower while juju was off doing the classic second-system rewrite deathmarch in go.

Space Hobo at 2013-09-05T09:31:31Z

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@spacehobo Oh, I thought JuJu was for more high-level, cloudy stuff than adding users or sync'ing config files. Is that not the case?

Michael Gratton at 2013-09-05T13:07:11Z

That any of this software has any reason to exist is -- big joke on us.

joshix at 2013-09-06T04:42:52Z