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Reposted above comments at https://twitter.com/mlinksva/status/1145384664124706816 and added a few more, below...

Finally, https://opensource.guide/how-to-contribute/#finding-a-project-to-contribute-to … includes standard project you use advice, plus list of ez bug ~aggregators, plus quote from you @kfogel but some or all of that material may benefit from updating.

Finally', [project you use] but with a job/company bent: project your employer/company depends on that you can get permission/away with contributing to on the job. Super soft pitch https://opensourcefriday.com/businesses

Finally'' next level of Finally', appropriate project is one you can get hired to contribute to, so find job that requires contributing to an open source project. After hire, that open source project is the appropriate one for you to get involved in.