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@bkuhn I suspect you overestimate the centrality of StatusNet (which at the point you must be thinking of, was almost just identi.ca) among FLOSS developers (well, maybe the ones you talk to, but that's a subset) and generally the impact even all FLOSS developers each "standing alone" can make. AFAICT you predict a dark ages and want to hunker down, hopefully encouraging a few more developers to also hunker down, standing alone, and have a fantasy that if that happens, the proprietary world will somehow self-destruct (eg patent war). That's a recipe for permanent dark ages. I also predict some form of dark ages but am uninterested in hunkering down. I think it is at least possible to increase policy and market demand for software freedom, and that's what the main activity of software freedom advocates ought to be. Of course that isn't a developer-centric activity, and I see that is a good thing: away with fetishizing both developer choice and their enabling lawyers!

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