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Interesting speculation, but I'd bet against two of your points:

> Now, does that mean something as messy as English will be used (as the majority of present code is written in English)? I doubt it. Probably something like Lojban will be used. Maybe it will not even be plaintext code: it could be machine-readable, machine-thinkable code with "byte compiled lojban", or similar.

If software can think about new software designs, I bet it has no problem understanding an evolved language. No reason for it to remain recognizably English (or Chinese, or whatever) for long, but no reason to evolve from Lojban at all.

Relatedly, in the (glorious???) future where machines can think and design programs, assuming enough resources exist to keep said machines running, humans will have to interface with computers on a computer's level more often. Will Lojban as a second language be mandated in schools?

No! If humans survive, they will not have to interface at a computer's level more often, which will be incomprehensible anyway. Computers will have zero problem communicating in human language to humans, to the extent concepts comprehensible to humans at all are relevant.