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Berlin, Germany May 23 & 24, 2015


“Terra nemo” is a Latin expression meaning “No man’s land”. Data Terra Nemo is a technical conference for discussing the ideas behind systems and protocols without centralized ownership and how they impact the landscape of the Internet.

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I don't recognize anyone/any entity, which could be a good thing: it's in the air.

OTOH and at the same time they could be relatively unaware of what exists.

https://medium.com/node-js-javascript/if-no-one-owns-the-internet-everyone-can-12833bb5d0c8  why-we-need-a-conference

BTW what to make of so many people/entities using medium for a blog? What is the next genre that seemed relatively safe from mass centralization that will fall to some combination of good UX and notoriety? If you were a VC wanting to make that happen, what would you be investing in? I guess email is so huge there is still lots of loose flesh to claw at. The web generally too, but neither of those is specific enough to be actionable.

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This is really a weird view of the "distributed" term, as to me it's in the contrary the extreme of decentralisation, while they talk about it as "centralized" ... to me FB is not distributed it's centralized, and a real P2P network is distributed, while Pump.io f.ex. is decentralized as some pods are localy centralizing the connections of the local users...

And yes, funny that this post is appearing on a centralized blog platform... :)

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