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Manual federation of a rysiek *post again:
Dear MediaGoblin , we're thinking of using you for a project we're putting together. The crucial part of the project is having different instances of a media sharing platform (i.e. #MediaGoblin) that federate with each other. How's the #PumpIO federation in MG? As in -- do MediaGoblin instances federate comment and media between each other? Is it poossible to follow/subscribe/"friend" MediaGoblin accounts across instances? Is it possible to comment and reshare across instances?
Good questions, but I'm really posting here because it made me think of another: is diaspora participating in this new federated social w3c group that Evan mentioned fairly recently?

What about BuddlyCloud? Somesomewhatrelatedcomments.

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Yeah I need to reply to that.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2014-06-21T01:30:45Z

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Also, the Red Matrix project might be even more flexible for the purpose of federation than Pump.io is as of now.

Carlos Solís at 2014-06-21T03:53:04Z

#Friendica is more geared toward federation that #RedMatrix.

J. Randal Matheny at 2014-06-21T13:04:35Z