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Displeasure from PDFs generally, but I get a little tingle when there's one with numbered pages in the text that actually match the sequence in the PDF. Sick sick sick.

But I have yet to see a document primarily intended for print as a "book" that starts numbering with the cover as page 1, in the interest of the vastly greater number of people who will read electronically. Are there any examples of such?

Also, hardcoded two column format especially must die, but a good way of doing that is to just kill PDFs. And of course all attempts to recreate paper format on screen that don't use PDF.

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I fund a lot of RPG books (because one of my hobbies is reading RPG books), and I am always excited when they have an ebook option (because they all do, and I am easily excitable), until I realize most of them mean PDFs (because I am also easily let down by the end of run on sentences).

Which is different from how I will release "books", because I hail from the web, and 'round here we argue about various marks of the up and down variety, but focus on beaming the end result into your eye holes with flunctuating matrices of light, rather than telling robot arms to spray liquid on dead plant matter.

Sorry, I was making a point, but got stuck in how the world works... um, anyhow, down with PDFs!

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