Nathan Willis

Tell me I'm not crazy: hats exist, right?

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I don't understand how this is possible, but I've requested the EFF baseball cap with my annual donation every year since 2013, and not once have they ever sent it to me.

Usually they tell me it's been discontinued or is out of stock; this year they changed it up a bit and listed it as included on the paper packing slip in the package (which contained a t-shirt, but was entirely hat-free).

Is there some kind of privacy-humor that I'm failing to get the joke on here, like when ThinkGeek sells Tauntaun blood and everyone just knows that it's a joke listing?

To add one more wrinkle, I didn't even realize that last year's donation didn't include a hat, since it was shipped to my house while I was in England. But I just went to look up the email from this year and discovered that, sure enough, I had asked for the hat last year, too, and they didn't send it. ❌ likes this.