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Part of my practical work for the MA in Typeface Design involves learning and creating a typeface for a script that I do not read. I've selected Bengali, which is a "minority" language in India and the main language in Bangladesh (although 'minority' here adds up to 300 million people).

The script is complex, meaning that it has hundreds of "conjunct" forms, where adjacent letters in a text string recombine to result in an entirely new glyph. So for our work, we essentially have to select a subset to target based on a particular text that we want to use in our final specimen.

I wanted to use the text of the GPL as my target text, but it is not translated. On the other hand, the FSF's "what is free software" page IS available in Bengali:

Any other suggestions?

Alas, the Bengali Wikipedia doesn't have a page for rickrolling. Nor is the Debian Social Contract translated to Bengali.

Lars Wirzenius at 2017-03-29T12:27:05Z

Nathan Willis likes this.

I did actually check for the DSC and the Open Source Definition (without success). There are Bengali translations of several CC licenses, too, but they seem to be unofficial. The FSD is still a pretty good option, though!

Nathan Willis at 2017-03-29T19:23:20Z