Glasgow, United Kingdom

Metadata magician at the BBC. Views & opinions are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer.


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • philslade

    in West Sussex, UK.

    I work as a gardener. Keen on Transition Towns - Not techy so running a Puppy Linux ( and Getting Started.htm ) live cd on an old XP box

  • Documentally

    St Neots, England


  • Paul Battley

    Internet vigilante, programmer, record-breaking ukulele player, etc. All opinions not my own, probably wrong.

  • Jonas Wisser

    Oberlin, United States

    Freelance writer and Doc Folk for Aptfolk. I believe in full equality for all human beings and have an abiding interest in res publicae.

  • Bytemark Hosting

  • Omar Kooheji

    Why does every site on the internet ask for a BIO

  • Mark Dagon Hughes

    Seattle, United States

    Developer of Notecraft for iPad, Perilar RPG for iPhone. I live on Xcode, Cocoa, coffee, and whiskey. I will mock your religion.

  • Wayne Myers

    London, United Kingdom

    A sensible man who doesn't have a chicken on his head at all. Oh no.

  • Leo Vegoda

    Marina del Rey, United States

  • silner

    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    I read books and write messages and listen to music and I try new things

  • Ben Sinclair

  • Tim Dobson

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Thinker, Blogger, Hacker, Hiker. Call me on 0800 112 6000. Dents in a personal capacity