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the last Ep from S01 is already off : it's not because you write on something that "you own it" that it actually belongs to you ... this patent thing is a little buggy to my POV (specially if you think of the 1977 year)
Or you have indeed to rely on some kind of hidden patent laws that nobody knows about ... (which is a stretch but probably not so far from the reality, seeing how the European Patent Office has total legal immunity from anyone f.ex. https://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/2016/02/welcome-to-eponia-the-strange-land-of-european-patents-that-is-outside-the-law/ ... ! )
but really good serie btw... !!
I'm amazed on how you completely forget about the heavy compositing and incredible acting performance it is, on top of a really good writing ! 
tks for sharing !