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I'm all for the sharing, but no Rick Falkvinge, artists are not "entrepreneurs" like others and you really miss a point.

Actually you are insulting artists! Considering them as mere guitar player in their kitchen that should earn a living by becoming popular is mean, and "your" liberal market driven civilization is about to collapse too if you still continue to think on that "liberal" ground: culture and art are not merchandise NOR services, but if it become work, should be paid as the rest. And the "very artistic one" not seen by many but by the few that at their turn will be seen by many, they are not "bad" and deserve the living as well as the obscure and unknown physicist working on it's theories that only 3 others can read in the world...
That market driven economy drove us to where we are, it has to change. Michel Bauwens has a better view on it, and probably CopyFarLeft is the right solution at the end.