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heyo pumpiverse ... long time not being here!
Diaspora* network is actually well active (specially in the french part where a very visible Pod is hosted by Framasoft.org aka framasphere.org) , and it was taking my attention these lasts months... (even trying to launch a pod here) ... I really like the mood and the people there, but hey, I need to come over here more often... ;)

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 I'm here : https://framasphere.org/people/68a8bf308908013233c22a0000053625
probably more meme because probably more "pop" and a little less hard-core geeky ;) ... but that's what I like : diversity

olm-e at 2016-05-15T00:51:49Z

Welcome back to the pumpiverse! :-)

sazius at 2016-05-15T08:56:17Z