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Dronten, Netherlands

Dutch Hacker Camp in 2013

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    *** NEWS FLASH *** Three weeks ago OHM2013 was granted a license to start a public broadcast station. This means there
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    Here it is: The offical OHM2013 t-shirt design! —> This beautiful design has been created by Heleen and Brainsmoke, w
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    In the last chapter of the Hitchhikers guide to OHM2013, Team:InfoHelpDesk wrote some instructions on traveling to OHM2
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    With a focus on privacy, technical and social aspects of our digital society, we figured SIGINT would be a great place
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    No fun without uplink Obviously, OHM needs a super-fast internet uplink. Camping without internet access simply sucks,

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    Lightning Talks give you the chance to talk about your project, technique, workshop or any other idea that you want to
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    Guest post by Douwe Schmidt Big chunks of society have divided us firmly between consumers or producers. In this world
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    This is the last call to buy low-priced OHM2013 tickets before the price will rise this Saturday. Already got yours? Go

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    Last week’s revelation of PRISM and other surveillance programmes of the NSA and their accomplices outside the USA wa
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    Rainbow Island is possibly the most modest project you’ll see at OHM2013. Obviously, in this context, possibly means
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    Less than two months to go until the event starts. Realization sinks in: planning the trip! And thus, a lot of question
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    A tweet earlier this morning announced the intention to raise ticket prices. This intent is to encourage people to buy
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    “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi This summer, t
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    Great news for the less-than-rich hacker crowd: this Friday, May 17, there will be an additional batch of budget ticket
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    May 1 was a double-whammy of deadlines: it was the end of the Call for Participation and the deadline for village tent-
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    OHM2013 is an inspiring playground for hackers of all ages. Throughout the years, more and more hackers engaged in self
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    There are two important deadlines coming up on May 1st. When you are really quiet you can already hear their whooshing
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      Decorating the campsite is rewarding and inspiring. It is the creation of a pleasing, comfortable and memorable expe
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    A fair share of the usual suspects of the international hacker community were gathering this week at Hack in the Box 20