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Meet Rufus Cuff, a "Tablet" for Your Wrist

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But... why? I mean, you have your phone, and having it in your pocket is not that cumbersome


USA Today has posted an interesting write-up about Rufus Cuff, a communicator users wear on their wrist. The device sports a 3.2-inch touchscreen, making it bulkier than a smart watch but smaller than a tablet. Rufus Cuff’s overall dimensions are actually larger than that to make room for the 1175mAh rechargeable battery, speaker, front-facing camera, and internal antenna.

VIA: USA Today
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Is it convenient? yes.
Does it save vital seconds having to fumble around in a pocket or bag for your phone or tablet? yes
That being said, not something I would wear while I was at home sitting in front of my personal computer.

jrobertson at 2015-11-05T11:23:35Z