Steven Rosenberg

GNOME 3: Adjust 'hot corner' sensitivity with the Activities Configurator extension

Steven Rosenberg at

It kept nagging at me. Why was the "hot corner" in Debian's version of GNOME 3 so "sensitive," compared to the GNOME 3 desktop's hot corner in Fedora 19?

In Fedora, I'd mouse into the upper left "hot corner," and half the time wouldn't get the app panel or search box to open. I'd have to "aggressively" mouse to get it working.

So I've been using GNOME 3 less and less. Was it just too slow?

The solution for this problem, as it for so many things in GNOME 3 is the installation of a GNOME Shell Extension.

What version on Debian/Gnome is this? I've found 3.4 in stable (wheezy) to be fine, but 3.8 in testing (jessie) to be unsensitive/slow for me.

sazius at 2013-12-10T20:34:56Z