Steven Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg at is too damn quiet.

Where are you people?

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Perchance they moved to other instances?

Christopher M. Hobbs (inactive) at 2013-07-22T02:54:37Z

Some people moved to, but I feel that's mostly people who are on pump as well. The rest may just be confused.

Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2013-07-22T05:57:11Z

Yeah, my main place is these days. But I want to keep in touch with those that are using only StatusNet, yet I don't want to run my own SN instance anymore... so is my solution to that problem :-)

sazius at at 2013-07-22T07:29:05Z

At the beach... I will try to spend more time in a dark corner in front of the computer just for you. But I cannot promise.

Michele Ann Jenkins at 2013-07-23T03:22:02Z

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