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I've had my HP Pavilion g6 laptop (submodel 2210us) with AMD APU since March, and I had working suspend/resume in Fedora Linux with the Catalyst driver for only a brief period -- a few weeks between release of the 13.6 beta and 13.8 beta. Now it's gone.

I still have working 3D with the proprietary driver, which I don't have in the open Radeon driver. I'd rather run the open driver, but what I really, really want is working suspend/resume.

Of course I'm not at the six-month mark just yet, and I figure it takes between six months and a year for drivers to catch up with new hardware in Linux.

The delay, all the fiddling, plus the trouble I had the last time I bought new AMD hardware, is making me really thing about going for Intel graphics hardware the next time I buy.