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  • bill bill@awkwardly.social

    Austin, TX

    drones, homelabs, general techie. I sell flash storage by day. https://plein.keybase.pub/

  • invest4justice invest4justice@hotpump.net

    182 Mayo Rd, Edgewater MD 21037

    Invest4Justice is a non-profit organization based for litigation funding, legal aid, legal financing, litigation financing, litigation crowd funding, litigation costs, arbitration costs, arbitration funding which allows victims to obtain funding to pay for their legal case, globally, without any out-of-pocket legal expenses or becoming indebted.

  • darklinkxxxx darklinkxxxx@hotpump.net

  • Splicer splicer@awkwardly.social

    Clifton Park NY USA

    I blog at https://splicer.com/ and dream of the day when my blog and everyone else's will be federated.

  • Michele micheleannjenkins@hotpump.net


    Information Architectrice, Web Developer, Sometimes-writer, Always Mom.

  • Evan Prodromou evan@e14n.com

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • xtrakt xtrakt@identi.ca

    Chief Nkalakata, Zimbabwe

    Brother, can you spare your mind?

  • Saffron Lee saffronlee@identi.ca

    Burning Man art concierge and tour guide

  • banjor banjor@identi.ca

    San Francisco, United States

    Photo geek, banjo player, network guru

  • joab jackson joabj@identi.ca

    Technical Journalist

  • frankenspock frankenspock@identi.ca

    Whitepine, United States

    Spent the night in the map room. I humanize the vacuum.

  • Sean Smith seans23@identi.ca

    Oakland, United States

  • Michele Ann Jenkins majnoona@identi.ca

    Montreal, Canada

    Sort-of-stay-at-home-mom with a dark past in info sci, sci fi, and sighing.

  • Space Hobo spacehobo@identi.ca

    Orbital Jungle over Svalbard


  • just Meredith mochipuff@identi.ca


  • Zach Copley zach@identi.ca

    Squirrel Town, United States

    Dangerous Web Hillbilly