Bielefeld, Germany

from teheran via cologne, wuppertal,niederrhein, ruhr area to bielefeld. student.



    The Free Software Desktop Project

  • Jolla

    Helsinki, Finland

    Jolla is developing mobile devices and the #SailfishOS based on #MeeGo and #merproject open source projects.

  • Gil Forcada

    Molins de Rei, Spain

    Computer scientist. Main interests:,,, freedom in general and social changes for better society

  • Andre Klapper

    Old Yurop

    Wikimedia bugmaster, bugmaster, GNOME Bugsquad, Release Team, Czech L10N team, Documentation team, yet another student.

  • Diaspora

    Diaspora is an awesome, distributed, open source social network in the making from some young hackers at NYU

  • thp


  • TakaTukaLand

    antifaschist_in ++ queerfeminist_in ++ antirassist_in

  • yetzt

    Leipzig, Germany

    polyqueer hacker with bauwagen.