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Does anyone else get a noticable lag of a couple of seconds when clicking the 'Note' button? I might submit a pull request to change it so you just have a text box at the top and then you can post a new note without having to open a new dialogue. Is that a good idea?
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I don't do Javascript, man. You, however; OUR JAVASCRIPT LORD AND SAVIOUR. It sucks that doesn't do @-replies (yet?). I'm missing it already - made multi-recipient replies easier.

at 2013-07-15T09:38:10Z

I agree, that'd be great. I get a really noticable lag when clicking the 'note' button at 2013-07-15T12:12:47Z

It's not the dialog box that's the problem; it's loading all the addresses for the Select2 drop-down.

Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-15T14:58:11Z