Daniel Ritort ritort@identi.ca

Barcelona, Spain

Dual degree in Business and Law at both universities, Universitat Autònoma and Zhejiang University.

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    Japan’s SoftBank will become one of the world’s largest mobile operators after shareholders in Sprint Nextel backed
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    Saudi Arabia has announced it is switching its official weekend to Fridays and Saturdays. Saudi Arabia is bringing its
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    The United Kingdom government is being urged to stop Barclays closing the last account in Somalia which allows its citi
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    European Union finance ministers have failed to agree on how to rescue troubled banks in any future crisis. After almos
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    Telefonica’s R&D centre in Catalonia will lead the company’s innovation internationally. The company said it will s
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    Russia‘s Rosneft agreed yesterday a $270 billion deal to double oil supplies to China. The Russian energy giant shift
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    The United States Federal Reserve has maintained the rate of its asset purchase program at $85bn a month, but could sta
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    Nicos Anastasiades, President of Cyprus, has urged in a high critical letter euro zone leaders to revise the terms of h
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    Deloitte has agreed to a one-year suspension from doing consulting work for financial firms in the state of New York. N
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    David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has announced plans for what could be the biggest bilateral trade
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    A China-based supercomputer has leapfrogged rivals to be named the world’s most powerful system. Tianhe-2 team said t
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    Google is launching balloons into near space to provide internet access to buildings below on the ground. About 30 of t
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    Kevyn Orr, financial manager at Detroit, has announced the city will immediately stop debt payments. Orr sent out a pro
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    According to the United Nations, India looks set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country from 2028. At
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    The Nicaraguan Congress has approved a proposal to have a canal built linking the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. A Ho
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    Facebook is adding support for hashtags to help its members keep track of popular topics being discussed on the social
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    European authorities are to propose bringing control of the inter-bank lending rate, Libor, under the supervision of a
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    The European Commission has announced it is imposing temporary anti-dumping levies on Chinese solar panel imports. It c
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    The International Monetary Fund has admitted that it made mistakes in handling Greece‘s first international bailout.