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>> Kyosuke:

“Tiene pinta de que pudiese ser gracioso, pero parece que ha borrado el post...

Habra que ver si en Planet Gnome sigue viendose...”

Parece que el tipo tuvo un día de furia y después se arrepintió y borro el post xddd

pero como nadie escapa de google cache googleando encontré el post, acá dejo una copia

Please remove me from planet-gnome: I'm nothing but trouble.

I want to create a new era for GNOME. The last few years at GNOME have created only desperation.

You guys invested heavily in Woman outreach programs and it didn't create any meaningful innovation

You invested in …, oh right, you only invested in woman outreach programs.

I'm sorry, I wanted to make a list. But there is none. You could have invested in gnome-shell?

But also gnome-shell is by now being rightfully replaced by MATE. After several years, gnome-shell just doesn't work.

I always understood that I'm the underdog of GNOME: the guy who the group wants to hate. That's ok for me. Having worked on the core component of Tracker, tracker-store, you all rely on my code anyway. Please do me a great favor and replace all of my code.

I need to speak up. When I tried using GEdit I had to use Pluma Text Editor to get any stuff done.

The so-called GNOME desktop is in an unusable state.

You guys suck.