Ryan Ortega Rios ryor310575@identi.ca

Villa de Cura, Venezuela

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein.


  • debish debish@identi.ca

    Biotecnólogo, debianita, ciclista, guitarrista y enganchado a la lectura.

  • sevillanalinuxera@identi.ca

  • Yoyo Fernández deblinux@identi.ca


    Usuario del mundo, Instalando recuerdos....

  • Nathalie Colina art3mis4@identi.ca


    Una geek rodeada de NO geeks :-p

  • Quote For The Day q4td@identi.ca

    Melbourne, Australia

    We all enjoy a good quote once in a while. That pithy turn of phrase, the dry observation or occasional little nugget of wisdom. 1 per day.

  • Cairo-Dock cairodock@identi.ca

    Cairo-Dock is a light, eye-candy and powerful interface to your desktop. It features docks and desklets. For GNU/Linux and *BSD only !

  • Espacio Linux espaciolinux@identi.ca

    Comunidad GNU/Linux en Español.