Santhosh Thottingal

Victoria, United States

Free software hacker, Malayalam Computing, Wikimedia


  • James Michael DuPont

    Hopewell, NJ

  • Scorpio20

    KZN, Republic of South Africa

    Was using before. A guy interested in Free Software, Debian, python n other Openid:

  • manukleart

    i am on air trying to do ecomarketing ; ; ; ; Searching a professional team to develope sustainable non-profit projects baseds in Neoequality and Ecosuficience. Neoequality means there are four parts in the planet: Persons, Nature (animals, plants, enviroments), Workers and Companies, and all of them are equals. Ecosuficience means autoemployment, autogestion, autosuficience in the best ecoway as possible.

  • Anoop Jacob Thomas

    Rūpnagar, India

    Research Scholar @ IIT Ropar, free software activist, enthusiast.

  • Swathanthra Malayalam Computing

    The SMC Project


    GNU/Linux G33k

  • The Wikipedia Signpost

    Wikipedia- and Wikimedia-related news from the editors of The Signpost.

  • Cannur Daşkıran

    Dorylaeum, Turkey

    #pardus kullanıcısı. #blog yazarı. #identide ki geveze.

  • Vivek Varghese Cherian

    Chennai, India

    Farmer,Entrepreneur,Technologist, Author, Software Architect, Hacker/Maker, Security Researcher, Social Activist

  • manoj.k.mohan

    Thrissur, India

    Engineer | natural lover | free software Enthusiast | Swathanthra Malayalam Computing | Malayalam Wikipedian | farmer

  • Murali Paramu

  • Hrishikesh K B

    Engineering Student, Day Dreamer, Programmer, Linux Enthusiast , Free software promoter , Avid Reader, Die Hard Shahrukh khan fan ...

  • Vasudev Kamath

    Open Source and Linux enthusiast. A Python programmer, A hacker by interest. And of course big fan of Naruto anime

  • Kartik Mistry

    La Valette-du-Var, France

    apt-get -f install

  • ஆமாச்சு


  • gaurav chaturvedi

    Mumbai, India

    Just another geek

  • remin raphael

    Smart Geek! Open Source Fan! Enjoy every second of my life

  • Jain Basil Aliyas

    Bangalore, India

    Free Software enthusiast, Scribus developer, KDE contributor & Google Summer of Code (2010, 2011) Student.

  • Dr. Roy Schestowitz

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Software Engineer, interdisciplinary researcher, and an advocate of fair competition

  • Manu Krishnan T.V

    Edayur, India

    Co-founder of @DayScholars & @coolwrks | Web Developer | Programmer | Server Admin | FOSS Supporter |