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I have to confess, now I'm really curious to know *what* mutt does alright. ;)

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Ryan Weal at 19 hours ago via Pumpa To: Public CC: Followers
Lol, Icedove has an idiot-proofing feature. If you use the word attach it prompts you with "did you forget to attach something?" ... no we're talking about Drupal nodes, but thanks.
Yeah, the lack of context can be a bit of a killer. Links to the inReplyTo object ( should also appear on shares.

That said, what it also does alright is letting you use your favourite editor.

The only drawback might be to leave in a single window(i.e., terminal), so you cannot open a specific email and keep it without blocking the rest of its accessible activities. But you can still fire another instance (:

Olivier Mehani at 2013-08-30T12:06:41Z

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