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Here's your fancy WebGL demo of the day. Load the page, then scroll up to see the page's header image. Click and drag to spin it around, or click the big shiny 'play' button for an audiovisual experience. When you're done just scroll back down and read the article about how it works.

(It works beautifully for me, 60fps, on Debian Iceweasel 25, on Debian Testing, with Intel HD4000 graphics. Other versions/browsers/GPUs might have more issues)

Anyway, when you're watching the 'riding the curves' animation, the site starts playing a track called "This World" by an artist named Selah Sue, which I had never heard of apparently because I don't live in or near Belgium. Nevertheless, it was a perfect match to the visuals, and the page linked to the artist's website, and ten minutes I'd whipped out my credit-card and I had a fresh zipfile of MP3s downloading.

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That's a point of view... You could justify your view if you like.
From what I see (I don't claim to have fully analysed this article) he was trying to constructively convey his point of view, which as far as I can see did not contain anything derogatory towards any sex. Furthermore he was calling for sensibility and even-handedness, which I think is desperately needed when discussing that subject.
Just because somebody isn't mindlessly waving flags adorned with the latest feminist (often sexist) catchphrases doesn't mean they're a sexist jerk. Perhaps they simply have an egalitarian agenda rather than a patriarchal or feminazi one? at 2013-08-26T07:05:48Z

His entire post is arguing that people who call out sexist behaviour should sit back down and STFU. At first blush this may seem reasonable, even civilised, if you come from a perspective of privilege, but it pretty clearly makes him a sexist jerk when you sit down and think about it.

Michael Gratton at 2013-08-26T12:35:45Z

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