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So the "re-reading K&R" book thing got side-tracked again. This time around life happened again and I got side-tracked with the other things that took precedence. But the one thing that I would like to be my constant companion is the willingness to keep trying and keep at things until they work. If nothing else I will be my endless source of amusement.

I haven't completely decided on what I'd like to work on for April. Front-end Development is calling me, but I also want to work more on REST development. Plus I also discovered the Phazer library which looks really cool for developing games. And there's the old stand-by of just letting myself try something small like meditation for 15 minutes a day.

Perhaps the one thing I can work on is just letting myself work on one thing at a time. It's hard to choose when you feel like you need to work on everything at the same time.

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Choosing is the toughest for me...

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