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Open Metalcast Episode #153: Modern Medicine FTW

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Greetings fellow inhabitants of this great ball we call “Earth”. I have spent the past few days on allergy medicine, antibiotics, and nasal steroids so if this episode seems a little extra-punchy there’s a good chance that’s the reason. It’s also a somewhat shorter show than normal, but what’s in there will likely damage your speakers with it’s intensity. Everything in this episode is more packed than my sinuses. We’ve got music from Wombripper, Tiempos De Ira HC, Technickill,m Ekstasis, Vazio, Dew of Nothing, Nuclear and Kaballah waiting to shake loose any crap that might be hanging on in your earholes. It’s a guaranteed prescription to give you the maximum allowable dose of metal without a prescription in an easy-to-download format.

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Open Metalcast #153 (MP3)

Open Metalcast #153 (OGG)

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“[...] Eterno vazio by Vazio from Vazio [...]”


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Eternal Empty by Empty from Empty.


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