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Open Metalcast Episode #170: Waving and Drowning

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Here at Open Metalcast Headquarters we’ve prided ourselves on being punctual with the delivery of Creative Commons Metal Music to your bloodstream via our easy-to-listen podcast format. But sometimes the deliveries are a later than we would like and this episode is much later than it should have been. But fortunately good metal doesn’t spoil while you’re waiting and we have an amazing line-up of Creative Commons Metal ready to give you that much needed infusion. We have music from The Derision Cult, Solem, Beyond Exile, Altars of Grief, Black Autumn, Concince, Wombripper, and Bones of Minerva. And you won’t have to go to the post office to pick it up.

We’ll be back soon another special delivery of metal music later this week.

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Open Metalcast #170 (MP3)

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