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[Blog] Why companies want a convoluted tax system

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I can see why companies in the "tax preparation" service are reluctant to just let the government figure things out:

  • Fee for the software (because navigating the tax code is for chumps).
  • Fee for the state versions (because just filing federal is for chumps)
  • Fee for e-filing the state version (because the state thinks paper is for chumps).
  • Fee for using a credit card for paying large tax bill (because carrying around a large wad of cash for paying the govt. is for chumps).

No wonder they want lobbyists to ensure that the tax code isn't changed.

Charles Stanhope likes this.

in Canada the libreplanet-on chapter has an effort to create a free software solution compatible with Canada's tax rules the mailing list archive recounts some of the hurdles they face regarding E-Filing "certification"

George Standish at 2017-04-05T22:48:53Z