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Open Metalcast Episode #107: Post-Turkey Sleep Disorder: (

It’s the week after Thanksgiving here at OMC headquarters and we couldn’t be happier to have yet-another-holiday in the rear-view mirror. Not that we didn’t have fun with Thanksgiving, but the lead-up to getting things sorted meant this episode is dropping one week later than it should be. And if you’re anything like us you’re still recovering from day n+1 of leftovers. But never fear freedom-loving metalheads, because we’ve lined up some music to help ween you back from your turkey-induced comas and kick you back into high gear. And what a collection of music to give thanks for, including brand new music from Cloudkicker (apparently not content with only releasing the brilliant Live with Intronaut album last week). This episode also features music from 100 Veces Fauna, Mursa, Nightosaur, Show Me a Dinosaur, Underthals, remastered Oak Pantheon, and the triumphant return of Drakum.

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Drakum has a new album? Hell yeah! :-D

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