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[Blog] Day 70ish/100: Fin?

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Apparently this is the second time that I can't count, and have double-counted days.

It's also another day where "life has become rather chaotic and programming was the last thing on my mind".

So I'm thinking about calling this done for now. I'm not planning on abandoning daily programming for now. But putting it as part of the daily challenge? That's becoming a bit much.

That and I'm feeling guilty about not blogging about other things that are happening.

So, it's done for now. Won't say this is the last time this will happen, but frankly I think it's run its course. ❌ likes this.

I hope doing this challenge did something for you.

Reading about it did something for me! Thank you. ❌ at 2017-08-12T01:39:17Z

Thank you for sharing how it went. You've helped motivate me to come up with ways I can pursue goals even amidst the usual hectic day-to-day.

Charles Stanhope at 2017-08-12T15:20:52Z

I'm heartened to hear that this was inspiring for folks. Looking forward to reading your results. :)

Craig Maloney at 2017-08-12T15:25:17Z