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i stole a session, BY ACCIDENT. i have no real idea how i did that. i'm using firefox and i have a couple of privacy addons (NoScript, Self-Destructing Cookies, RequestPolicy, Adblock Edge) enabled and i have a painfully slow internet connection. i guess doesn't like that. wtf.

sorry @march, i did not want to pick in particular. as i said, i didn't want to steal ANYONES' session. i just visited your profile.
i didn't read any private stuff. and i will log out now, and log in with my account. hopefully this won't happen again.

sorry again, this sucks. :(
–– @sofias

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no problem. nothing to hide and such ;) [SMBDY BROKE INTO MY ACCOUNT, HALP!1!!]

ostfriesenmärz at 2013-08-01T07:01:03Z