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Oh hi there,  I forgot all about you, because you no longer support RSS in any useful fashion.  You're Just Another Web Site To Go Check instead of something I can subscribe to next to all the rest.

NNTP, IRC, XMPP, whatever: I'd take any protocol that people are already using for other things!  But telling me I can install A Special App to read this is even less compelling than "remember to go to that one Web site frequently"!
Still no way to generate a stream of "stuff I would have seen on the web page".

Space Hobo at 2013-10-19T22:44:43Z

That is, in I could subscribe to my stream, and see everything I'd actually get on my user page.  With pump2rss, I'd have to enter each wotsit I follow one at a time to make a disjointed flow of stuff, and I'd have to work to keep it in sync.  Syndication is supposed to automate, not make more work.

Space Hobo at 2013-10-19T22:52:00Z

Oh neat, and is blank because he only sends to contacts.

Space Hobo at 2013-10-19T23:12:44Z