Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre@identi.ca

Westfilderstadt, Germany

Experimental physics PhD. Worked in bioinformatics, taught physics, statistics and software engineering, and worked in an investment bank.


  • Frédéric Praca fpraca@identi.ca

    Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France

    Linux user but FreeBSD fan, programming with Java (professionnally) and Ada (for fun ;-)), PGP Key ID: 01AC6D5D

  • Simon Wright simonj@identi.ca

    Stroud, United Kingdom

    Ada developer, retired from paid employment; no more arguments about copyright assignment!

  • Tero Koskinen tkoskine@identi.ca

    Miiluranta, Finland

    Software engineer interested in Ada, embedded systems, Linux, and Unix

  • Thomas Løcke thomaslocke@identi.ca

    Stenløse, Denmark

    Self-taught programmer with a taste for Ada and Dart. Free and Open Source software geek.