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In an interview, the judge (who sounds to be a fundamentalist Christian) said that it was legal in her view for Hispanics to name their children Jesús. The "Messiah" decision is likely to be reversed by a higher court for judicial error of some type.

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On the one hand, I don't think the government should care so much about a kid's name. It's not profane, not unpronounceable and not in any way confusing. 

On the other hand, this child is likely to have problems in the future just because of this unfortunate name. Maybe the kid will even want to change the name in the future.

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Jesus is quite a common name in Latin America. Mesiah? I can see why it would be questioned... On the other hand, I actually think it works quite well as a name.

Do people really look that deeply into a name? If somebody told me they were called "Mesiah deShawn Martin" I wouldn't bat an eye. It isn't as if the name is profane or such.

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