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You may want to fulfill your bucket list soon! The universe might implode sooner than you thought. Those Danes are always full of good news.

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As someone who actually works on measuring the properties of the Higgs field, I can say this: these theoretical physicists are running way ahead of the data. We haven't even measured directly the properties of the Higgs field itself, so doing such calculations is, at best, based on wild speculation. Even worse, we only know for sure that the Higgs plays a role in the mass of just 5% of the cosmos. Another glaring error on their part is that we do not understand Dark Energy, either; it comprises 70% of the cosmos and is presently responsible for pushing apart spacetime, making the universe expand faster. At best, they are committing irresponsible scientific storytelling of the worst kind. #heavysigh

Stephen Sekula at 2013-12-18T21:12:48Z

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