Pedro Pablo Pantoja


Looking for some solace.

  • 2014-07-17T15:56:43Z via Web To: Public CC: Followers

    Even considering evaluating me in my area of expertise is something I consider as an act of unreliance in my skills and work ethics!
  • 2014-07-16T13:09:21Z via Web To: Public CC:

    Anyone wants to code for money?
  • 2014-07-10T17:21:14Z via Web To: CC: Followers, Public

    I need to rent a coder, any of you want to help me in a project? Is not big, and surely is not complicated, but I do not know how to program plus I do not have the time for it.
  • 2014-07-10T17:20:03Z via Web To: CC: Followers, Public

    I'm huuungry!!
  • 2014-07-08T22:01:56Z via Web To: CC: Followers, Public

    Thank you Germans, you avenged our loss in #WC2014. Our demise was not in vain!
  • 2012-06-01T12:27:26+00:00 To: Public

    Wife is very very pregnant, woohoo!
  • 2012-04-24T20:42:16+00:00 To: Public

    Sometimes I just have to accept my truth. Many times I can't help but hate people
  • 2012-04-18T14:59:23+00:00 To: Public

    Tired and very sleepy wanna go home but it is just 10:00. Six hours left!
  • 2012-04-16T15:39:56+00:00 To: Public

    Long time since I used GIMP for retouching a photo, it was superb! Even printed it!
  • 2012-04-11T15:18:26+00:00 To: Public

    Work work work, it bugs me a lot when patients arrive late and then demand to be attended like nothing has happened!
  • 2012-04-09T04:36:13+00:00 To: Public

    I sincerely wish android app makers were more internal space conscious, we need more movable apps, I am tired of wasting precious space
  • 2012-04-04T21:12:18+00:00 To: Public

    Uh... Back in the microblogging stuff, has been a while though, bit got one of those android phones eveyone is making a fuss about, nice!
  • 2011-01-08T22:07:54+00:00 To: Public

    Got a shift tonight, last shift was horrible, even a week due dental emergencies, God, what is this people thinking!?
  • 2010-11-16T22:16:55+00:00 To: Public

    Does Movistar internet block torrents and megaupload? please post your experience, thanks!
  • 2010-11-09T20:01:03+00:00 To: Public

    Unemployed, aggressive behavior from the management, as well as uncertain payments and lack of tools for doing my job, finaly made me snap!
  • 2010-06-07T07:57:00+00:00 To: Public

    Any clients for Palm? I would love to dent from my palm!
  • 2010-06-07T07:53:49+00:00 To: Public

    Wow, long time I don't update, becoming a full doctor in 20 days, way to go!!!!
  • 2010-02-14T10:25:38+00:00 To: Public

    Trying KDE 4.4 feels kinda clunky and needs some bug bashing, but the big proble is to migrate from GNOME, else I am OK.
  • 2010-02-14T05:40:26+00:00 To: Public

    Kind of getting tired of gnome but I have to migrate a lot of stuff if I want to use KDE, starting by the photos, Hope Kubuntu has some love
  • 2010-02-14T05:35:49+00:00 To: Public

    I need a app for palm (palm t|x please) anyone wants to help?