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    Despite the success story of Munich and the increasing distrust surrounding proprietary software, bureaucrats in Berlin
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    Corporate propaganda channel is being used by a Microsoft lobbyist to demonise Android -- not companies that attack And
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    Failing to see how patents themselves actually distort the market for everyone (not just some large corporations), Obam
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    A surveillance scheme for juniors and how it is being used to program the young generation to support patent monopolies
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    Why the stance of the White House is misguided and short-sighted in an age when trolls are like mercenaries for players
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    Summary: Attachmate’s CEO acknowledges that Novell lost much of its lustre when it was acquired Techrights delibe
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    Summary: A common patent battleground for Android and Linux opponents is on the edge of putting an end to this chaos Po
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    Why software freedom is not enough for freedom as a whole and why technology rights in the age of ever-increasing Weste
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    How a "successful" (as in profitable) criminal bought the press, rebuilt his public image, and is now on a crusade to m
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    How Bill Gates' monopolistic business model is expanding to the public sector, i.e. the sector which taxpayers are fund
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    More evidence showing that in order to eradicate patent trolls, as well as their large equivalents (patent pools and th
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    Countries where policy is written to prioritise Free software (i.e. software controlled by domestic companies) as well
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    The criminal operation of Bill Gates' close friend is getting further explored and the more gets revealed, the more urg
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    ZDNet's sponsor Microsoft has essentially managed to turn this tabloid into its de facto fan press, promoting Microsoft
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    With the departure of its CIO, Microsoft is diminishing as a technology company and instead it resorts to lobbying, ext
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    Canonical's founder is making controversial moves which are helping Microsoft's PR, such as the nonsense constantly hea
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    Summary: Harrasment by proxy seems like a possibility now that funds to the FSF are being discouraged Donations to the
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    With Microsoft copyrights, patents, and licences in Mono, as well as a CEO who worked for Microsoft and financial backi
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    Although the Australian government does not guarantee the use of open standards and/or Free software, it does give way
  • 2013-05-30T13:07:06+00:00 via feed To: Public

    he European Patent Office finds itself under fire from a growing list of public interest groups and even politicians, t