Ted Gould tedgould@identi.ca


  • Ubuntu Archive Status ubuntustatus@identi.ca

    Alerts and status when there are problems in the Ubuntu archives that are likely to cause very serious problems for a large number of users.

  • Ubuntu One ubuntuone@identi.ca

    Team account for Ubuntu One, the personal cloud that brings your digital life together.

  • Josh Andler scislac@identi.ca

  • Launchpad.net status launchpadstatus@identi.ca

    Service-affecting issues that are happening now or in the next 48 hours.

  • Mirco Müller macslow@identi.ca

    Linux, GNOME, Ubuntu, OpenGL and cairo rule my world

  • GNOME gnome@identi.ca

    The Free Software Desktop Project

  • Software Freedom Law Center sflc@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    We provide legal representation and other law-related services to protect and advance Free, Libre, and Open Source Software.

  • Peter Saint-Andre stpeter@identi.ca

    Patron Saint of Jabber

  • Jakub Steiner jimmac@identi.ca

    Graphics designer at Novell. Founding father of the Tango project, and senior resident designer for the GIMP project.

  • Kees Cook kees@identi.ca

    Free Software Hacker.

  • Software Freedom Conservancy conservancy@identi.ca

    New York, United States

    The Software Freedom Conservancy is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizational home for FLOSS projects.