the JoshMeister

Alta Loma, California, United States

Apple, tech, & computer security geek. Infosec writer. Podcast Producer for MacTech Magazine ( Latter-day Saint.


  • Sam Brockman

    Carrollton, United States

    I am a LDS Service Missionary, I practice Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, I am an executive committee member of the Libertarian Party Dallas County.

  • michael ramirez

    Activista/Entusiasta/Retweeteador de la #CulturaGeek: #SoftwareLibre, #HardwareLibre, #DIY, #GobiernoAbierto, etc., Miembro de @PP_Ve

  • José Leonel Subero Gamarra

    Curioso de las artes ocultas de los cables y el silicio junto a todo lo que haga funcionar a un tubo de rayos catódicos

  • Heinz Rainer

    Youhamba, Central African Republic

    30 years Africa, Asia; from jungles, rain forests to Tibetan mountain ranges;


    writing and sharing tiny tech tips your momma could understand.

  • Ric

    Orlando, United States

    Evangelical Christian, Father, Patriot, Christian Apologist, Theologian, Bible Teacher, Conservative Republican, HTC One-X

  • ernie dulanowsky

    wireless LAN support drone by day, sound art, noise and drones by night

  • Annette Strauch

    Expert in the study of European cultures (M.A. Volkskunde & Anglistik), languages, modern life and IT + everything to do with web 2.0.

  • Bill Whetstone

    Multi-Media Artist - Lover of Home Grown Tomatoes, Creator of Google's #1 DIY Economic Stimulus @

  • Greg K

    Editor of

  • .LAG | Larry Green

    I leave as I enter, another boy caught in between. Award-winning Web architect, faux screenwriter, seeker of truth, pleasure and laughter.

  • Czar

    The of Czar.