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I'm not trying to insinuate anything negative about anyone. It's just that your post makes it sound like you didn't even know that Micah is an EFF employee, so I was trying to fill in that gap. I will avoid being helpful/informative in the future.

@Luis Villa, you're saying that because I said "got the assistance from the EFF"? I'd meant that to say "got legal assistance from the EFF" (the "the" was a typo). (I fixed that typo).

What other parts of the post gave you the impression I didn't know about Micah worked for EFF? I admit that I left it out, but that was mainly because I was trying admittedly trying to ack the fact that the site seemed to be Micah's own project.

I've personally been in the situation where I worked for lawyers who represented me regarding a side project. It's important to be clear and careful about such things, and the average reader isn't going to understand the distinction if you draw specific attention to it.

Bradley M. Kuhn at 2013-11-08T21:52:02Z