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I'm tired of the "cult of victory" surrounding World War II. Tired of this unhealthy view of history, full of taboos, where any attempts of free discussion will be punished with accusations of offending veterans. And it's not important how veterans think, more important is how they should think.

World War II is the exception in history, where "what if"s result in rehabilitating fascism. I can ask people what, do they think, would happen if, say, Jesus wasn't crucified, the Roman empire didn't fall, or the Winter Palace revolt didn't happen. But God save me from having the inhumanity to ask what would happen, if Leningrad was surrendered to the Germans! Then, under the mask of a curious historian, I'll be discovered as an extremistfascistwhoshouldbeputinprisonforfiveyears.

People, don't attack those who don't share your evaluation of historic events. Better remove the taboo to open the discussions and prove your case. But right now, I'm tired of you.

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